Combined Rhinoplasty?

Nose Aesthetics and Facial Beauty

Today, plastic surgeries help people to increase their self-confidence and improve their quality of life. Especially since rhinoplasty is one of the most prominent parts of the face, performing this surgery correctly can significantly affect the general appearance of the person’s face. However, in some cases, rhinoplasty alone may not be enough. In these cases, combined rhinoplasty is a type of operation in which other medical procedures are performed to beautify the face along with rhinoplasty.

Combined rhinoplasty involves many different procedures. These include wrinkle preventive, filler, thread lift and many more applications. When these procedures are performed together with rhinoplasty, they make the face look more harmonious and balanced. wrinkle preventive is an injection used to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face. Filling is used to fill the volume loss or deep lines on the face. Thread lift, on the other hand, is a procedure applied to recover facial sagging and improve the general appearance of the face.

Combined rhinoplasty, when combined with other medical procedures, provides a more comprehensive aesthetic improvement. For example, a correction at the tip of the nose during rhinoplasty can reduce the width of the nose and create a narrower appearance on the face. However, this fix does not address other issues such as sagging cheeks or loss of volume on the lips. Combined rhinoplasty provides the opportunity to intervene more comprehensively in these problems.

Combined rhinoplasty differs according to the needs of each patient. Therefore, each patient requires a special planning and approach. With a detailed pre-operative evaluation, the patient’s expectations and needs are determined. Accordingly, it is decided which medical procedures will be performed and how long it will take to complete.

As a result, combined rhinoplasty provides a more comprehensive aesthetic improvement by addressing other aesthetic problems on the face along with rhinoplasty.

Combined rhinoplasty is a procedure that can be applied in conjunction with other medical procedures to solve problems in other parts of the face, in addition to rhinoplasty. This procedure aims to improve the overall aesthetics of both the nose and face.

It can be used for purposes such as wrinkle preventive, fillers and threads, removal of facial wrinkles, skin tightening, cheek augmentation and lip augmentation. These procedures can be combined with rhinoplasty during the combined rhinoplasty operation. For example, lip fillers can be used to increase the angle between the nose and lips, or wrinkle preventive can be injected to reduce the lines around the nose.

Combined rhinoplasty operation takes longer and may become more complex due to the combination of rhinoplasty and medical aesthetic procedures. However, performing multiple transactions at once saves time and lowers overall cost.

Another advantage of the combined rhinoplasty operation is that it shortens the postoperative recovery period. Because other procedures on both the nose and face are performed at the same time, patients only have one surgery and deal with a single healing process.

However, combined rhinoplasty may not be suitable for everyone. Suitable candidates are those who need other facial procedures in addition to rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates for combined rhinoplasty operation first consult with a surgeon. By determining the patient’s needs and goals, the surgeon recommends the most appropriate treatment options and determines whether they are suitable for combined rhinoplasty operation.

Combined rhinoplasty operation is a procedure that aims to improve the general aesthetics of both the nose and the face. This operation may become more complex due to the combination of rhinoplasty and other medical aesthetic procedures. However, performing more than one transaction at a time provides advantages in terms of both time and cost. For suitable candidates, combined rhinoplasty operation is an effective treatment option for solving other problems on both the nose and face with a single healing process.

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